Arioto v3c2 R-18 part [Help for Char]

  She's staring at me from below. W-Where... Ah eh, is it possible that I'm going to attack Aya? So you're saying I can do it for you? [Take off your clothes...] [And then what?] [...Take off your underwear and strip Aya naked.] [Yeah. And then what?] What the heck is this? Why is Aya taking all the initiative? Why am I the one straddling her being verbally abused? [P-Play with your chest...] [Oh, yeah. And then what?] [I-I'll lick and suck them. Aya's chests are beautiful and white, and I never get tired of them even after a while… I'm gonna give you plenty, plenty.] [Fuu… Marika, you're so naughty.] I tried as hard as I could to push Aya over the edge with my words, but they were easily overturned with a single phrase: "That's so cute." [A-And that's not all… And after that, I'm going to go down on you like what you always do...] [In what way?] [Y-You’re just too erotic!] Aya is looking at me with a look that says, "You've ne