Arioto v3c2 R-18 part [Help for Char]

 She's staring at me from below. W-Where...

Ah eh, is it possible that I'm going to attack Aya?

So you're saying I can do it for you?

[Take off your clothes...]

[And then what?]

[...Take off your underwear and strip Aya naked.]

[Yeah. And then what?]

What the heck is this? Why is Aya taking all the initiative? Why am I the one straddling her being verbally abused?

[P-Play with your chest...]

[Oh, yeah. And then what?]

[I-I'll lick and suck them. Aya's chests are beautiful and white, and I never get tired of them even after a while… I'm gonna give you plenty, plenty.]

[Fuu… Marika, you're so naughty.]

I tried as hard as I could to push Aya over the edge with my words, but they were easily overturned with a single phrase: "That's so cute."

[A-And that's not all… And after that, I'm going to go down on you like what you always do...]

[In what way?]

[Y-You’re just too erotic!]

Aya is looking at me with a look that says, "You've never done this before, can you do it now?" Ughh. T-There's a lot of things that have been done to me...

[That's why Aya's touch feels so good over and over again. Even if I tell her it's too much, she won't stop. That's the penalty for making me impatient. I'm going to do all kinds of nasty things to Aya, not just yesterday, but for the rest of her life as well.]

When I said that, Aya finally smiled — a blown away smile.

[All right. Well, if you insist, I guess I'll have to.]


[Well, Marika is really selfish. She's so naughty, she's such a princess.]

[W-What… You're the one who fell in love with me, aren't you... It was Aya who made me feel like this, you know… You have to take responsibility]

[Yeah, really. So it was my fault. Yeah, it was.]

Then Aya did something.

For a moment, I didn't know what she did to me. When I came to my senses, the world was turned upside down and I was Aya's horse.

Hee…? What’s this!?

I hurriedly tried to sit up. But Aya, who was straddling me, wouldn't let me make the slightest movement, even though she wasn't holding me down that hard. I couldn't move.

T-This means…?

Aya licks her tongue and lowers her body.

She put her mouth close to my ear and whispered to me.

[I'm going to do everything for you… that you said you wanted to do for me...]


Hearing Aya's faint voice, I felt a shiver run down my spine like a conditioned reflex.

Because this is the voice of Aya when she does something nice to me.

[I'm going to take off your clothes, strip you naked, play with your chests, and then I'm going to… play with your bottom in a very naughty way.]

Oh no.

[I'll push you over and over again, and I won't stop even if you say I can't. Be prepared for that, Marika.]

I can't stop feeling tingly.

[I'll let you know who's the small fry.]

The devilish whispering alone is enough to make me come lightly.

I was bitten on the earlobe. I let out a squeal of pain.

Aya raised herself up and looked straight down at me. I was pierced by her cold but passionate gaze, and I squeezed out my voice with an expression like a crying laugh.

[T-Try it then, if you even can… although there's no way I'm going to be able to c*m with your wimpy technique...]

It seemed to me that it would not be long before I would be crying and apologizing in a lewd voice.



I opened my room and invited Aya in, sounding like a waitress at a diner.

[...Marika’s room]

This is my room. There's a bed, a study desk, and a little shelf next to it with aroma goods and other small things.

There is a large closet full of clothes that I wear and those that I no longer wear, and a hanger rack next to the door with various seasonal clothes on it. That's a lot of clothes.

[Yeah, it's a bit of a mess.]

[It's cute. It looks like a girl's room. A lot of Aroma goods, that's very Marika like.]

Aya is scurrying around, looking at my room curiously. I feel restless.

[Does it smell weird to you? Is it fine?]

[Yeah, it does.]


[It smells like Marika. That could be bad.]

[Ah, so that's why you didn't come into my room...]

[Yesterday... well, yeah, right.]

I sat on my bed, hugging the round pink cushion in my room.

I don't spend much time in my room since I'm usually lounging around the living room. Oh, but I spend a third of my day in this room, just sleeping at night.

Aya sat down right next to me, as if it was natural. She also puts her hand on my thigh. That's so Aya.

[I’m going to sit on the bed.]

[You already sat.]

[I'm going to touch Marika.]

[You're already touching me!]

I wonder if she's going to say that declaring it every time is a sign of sincerity to my mother.

[You don't have to tell me every time.]

[That's right. Marika doesn't want to be put off anymore, right?]

[That's not it… it's Aya who can't stand it right?]

Aya gradually moved her face closer to mine as she continued to speak loathingly of me. I close my eyes and accept her kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle.

I'm so happy. She finally kissed me.

Aya licks her lips as she peers into my eyes at close range.

[Yes, I couldn't resist. I love you so much, Marika.]

[...Even though you didn’t care about how I felt?]

[Yeah, I'm sorry you're lonely.]

Mumu… so kind.

Aya slowly pushes me down. Maybe it's because it's my own bed, but I feel more secure than usual. But I still think I'd rather be in Aya's room.

[So what should I do today...]

I turned my head to the side and groaned, as if to hide my embarrassment. After all, I had just stirred up a lot of trouble by calling her a small fry and a wimpy tech. The fact that Aya is gentle now does not necessarily mean that she will be gentle a second from now. I'm starting to get scared.

However, Aya shook her head.

[You don't have to do anything.]

[That's what scares me...]

[I'm going to make my Marika feel good.]

Aya suddenly shoved her hand into my shorts. Wow, that was fast. I was embarrassed to admit that I was already feeling a little aroused, and even though she was just touching me lightly, I was making a lot of noise.

I thought, "Oh, Aya's going to say you’re so naughtly again."

[What is this? It's already done. You've been calling me a pervert for a long time, but what are you? You're too easy, really. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?]

My ears were pierced by Aya's voice, which was sharp and pointed like an icicle.

[Eh… Eh?]

I looked at Aya for a moment, unsure of what she was saying.

Aya's eyes are really cold as she looks down at me, and I shiver even though I'm not cold.

The way she said it made me feel like I was being treated with contempt.

But Aya immediately smiled softly and said.

[It was a lie. I'm sorry, it's just… You're so cute. It's my fault you're like this, isn't it? I'll make you feel good, okay?]


When I was about to say something, she pinned me down as if to block the receiver, and I gagged.

Ah, no, Aya's finger is hitting a nice spot. ...That's all there is to it, but I can't move. My toes curled up tightly as I prepared for the pleasure that would soon follow.

But I shrugged it off. My fingers didn't move a muscle. I looked up at Aya with trepidation.

Again, that snow queen gaze.

[Here, I'm not even blaming you, but you've got a twitchy reaction and you're begging me to hurry up, have you noticed? Have you been waiting that long? I know you were aroused, I didn't think you were at that extent.]


I was embarrassed, but more importantly, Aya sounded so angry that I couldn't say anything.

Aya covered my mouth with a kiss. After that, she changes her position as if she were kneeling over me. She stroked my head with her other hand while pinpointing my lower part with the fingers of one hand.

[But it's okay, you're so cute, just be yourself. I'll pamper you a lot.]

[U-Umm...What kind of play is this...]

I'm starting to understand Aya's behavioral patterns. It's like she alternates between harsh and kind words. I understand, but at the same time I don't understand her intentions at all.

[It’s not just your body.]

Then the cold Aya spoke up.

[I just wanted to mess up your mind, too.]


No, I thought she was being too aggressive, too much, but... What, this is scary. The most scary thing is the cold Aya.

[That’s why.]


Suddenly I felt a jolt of electric current in my lower body. Aya's fingers stroked the surface of a particularly sensitive spot. When it was sufficiently wet, she sucked the nectar from it and spread it around. I felt my buds tense up in anticipation as I realized that Aya was finally going to take care of me.

[This way.]

[S-So sudden, ha, ha...]

Aya was relentless from the start. Her fingers squeezed the protrusion in a circular motion.

This is no good. Because this is the one I've been waiting for.

It was supposed to be a simple movement, but it felt so much better than what I was doing that it ran up my spine and turned my brain completely blank.

My whole body tensed up and my hands gripped the sheets tightly.

Hah, hah… My breathing becomes ragged. The pleasure nerves dedicated to Aya had long been ready for her. So now I feel good no matter what she does to me. It's like a pet dog that welcomes its master to the door.

[No way. I was just touching you. Did you come already? You're always so coy with your words, but you're too sensitive to pleasure. Don't you have any pride?]

[B-Because, because… because.]

Numbed by the afterglow of my sweet come, I look up at Aya with a tear-stained vision. Aya, who is looking down at me from above, ruffles my hair as if caressing me.

Next, it's your turn to be nice.

[Marika loves to feel good, don't you? You can't help it, it feels so good, doesn't it? It looks like you're peeing like this, like a baby. It's okay, you can be a baby. I'll do it all for you.]

This time she kissed me on my forehead, my cheek, the top of my nose, and then my lips.


[So, here. Here, here—]

[—A-Aya, ah!]

[What a good girl. You know, I like these things, too.]

Her thumb rubs the sensitive spot while her middle finger strokes the entrance. Eventually, the middle finger dives inside and pushes inward. Like a balloon expanding, the sensation spreads slowly.

The intense stimulation from the outside and the relaxing pleasure from the inside. I was sandwiched between the two, and I nuzzled my face into Aya's lap and shook my head.

[Ahh, no, no, ah, a-ahhh...]

[Are you going to come again? You are such a naughty girl, you're a natural. I didn't develop you like this. You were always a little naughty, weren't you?]

[N-No, n-hnn...♡]

I let out an inarticulate sound as I came again. This time the waves were deeper, and I screamed out as if I were expelling all the oxygen from my lungs.

It's not just my bottom that's wet, my eyes are also completely flooded with tears.

[Good, good… You came so well, Marika. You're so cute, you're curled up in my hand and your body is so hot. ...Cute baby.]

She kissed me on my earlobe.

I could tell that she was making fun of me for being a baby, but I didn't have the strength to protest. My body, not my head, knew what was going on. My body knew that it would feel much better if I listened to her than if I disobeyed her.

Aya pulls me into her arms with one hand. It's really a position like nursing a baby. But the other hand is firmly attached to my body… and that makes me feel strangely secure.

It's as if Aya is controlling everything about me, I guess.

I think I'm going to make the mistake of thinking that I've always wanted to do this. But my body is already happy with a little bit of this...

[There you go, Marika. Are you sorry?]


[Go ahead, say it. 'I'm sorry that I blamed Aya, even though I've always been a dirty girl.']

[T-That's not...]

I rubbed my inner thighs together and moved my hips. Aya just looks down at me coldly, but she doesn't do anything pleasant for me.

I know. I know I'll feel better if I follow Aya. But the rational part of me puts the brakes on by itself.

I really don't want this, I think. This thing. Because right now, I'm being treated like a baby by Aya. A baby has no reason.

I know that if I spoil her, if I flatter her, she will be more and more pleasant to me.

So this is the right thing to do.

My head melted, and I convinced myself with a theory that made no sense. I didn't care what it was.

I'm so desperate to be reminded of how bad I really am.

The anticipation overflowed from there, making Aya's hands wet even now.

[I-I, am, really always, a dirty, girl... I-I'm, sorry, for blaming it on Aya...]

But that didn't stop me from feeling embarrassed. My cheeks heated up, I said in a broken voice.

Once I've been made to come, I could finally be honest. I wish I could do this all the time. If I had, Aya would have attacked me sooner.

I thought that soon Aya would be nice to me again, but she wasn't.

[‘I was the one who was a small fry. I'm sorry for going against Aya. I'm sorry for not being honest with you. Am I right? Here.’]

This is just part of the game, and I'm being forced to say it. I thought I knew what was really going on, but I felt that if I said it out loud, something inside me would change.

But I still say it. Because Aya is staring at me coldly.

If I don't, she won't make me feel good.

[I was the one who was a small fry… I'm sorry I went against you, Aya...]

With tears in my eyes, I reach out to touch Aya's body. There were two bulges on her chests, and just touching them made me feel good.

[I'm sorry I couldn't be more honest with you. ...Sorry, Aya.]


Aya hugged my head with a smile that was different from any of the smiles I had seen before.

I like this.

[I'm sorry. I knew how you felt, but I was being stubborn. ...I want to make you happy. I hope you will be happy next year, and the year after that, and all the years after that. That's why I've been thinking a lot about your family... But now I know that it was the right thing to do. So, thank you, Marika.]


Those words were too difficult for me to understand now that I was a baby. I just knew that she must be thinking of me.

[Marika, do you like boobs?]

[Yeah… I love, Aya's...]

[I guess you can't help it, I know. You're just a baby.]

Aya's hand leaves my crotch with a chuckling sound. A sad voice leaks out, "Ah..." Aya pulled up her own clothes and pushed her exposed breasts against my face.

[Here, sweetheart.]


I take the tip of her breast in my mouth and suck on it. The itchy sensation spreads to my crotch again. I'm the one doing it, but I don't know why...

[Ah, Ahh, ahh… Aya!]

Aya again went at it on my bottom. And this time, she said, "Isn't that enough?' She used a technique that led me to climax straight away.

[Ah-Ahhhhhh, N-No, g-good, I-I'm coming Aya...No, I can't I can't, your boobs, ahhhhh.]

[Fufu... this baby is so engrossed in feeling good that she can't even take a good drink at the breast. What a bad baby...]

She scolds me gently and coldly, sweetly and meanly.

Just as Aya had said, my mind was already a mess, and all I could do now was cling desperately to keep my consciousness from being blown away by the huge wave of pleasure in front of me.

Oh, no. My head and body shook. My head kept shaking, along with my body, and my whole body twitched and writhed.

Ahhh, it feels so good. It feels so good, it feels so good, I'm about to break.

I was already drenched in sweat. When the distant sound came back, I realized that it was my uncontrolled breathing that was making the noise.

As if to disguise it, I extend my tongue and lick the tip of her breast. I also like Aya's breasts, which have become a little harder than before.

[Mmm...chub, chub...Aya...]

[Marika...Mmm...this time, you came so hard and so long.]

[Yeah...I came...]

Aya pats me on the head as I laugh at her slovenly face. I wait until I can breathe again, and then she tweaks my bottom again.

[Here, every time I take care of you, you suck on it. You know what I mean? You really are a spoiled girl, aren't you, Marika?]

I was embarrassed, but I don't have the stamina to be embarrassed.

[Aaaaah...Uwaa...ugh...ah, ah, ah, again, again, it's coming...ah ah ahhhhh...]

[Next time, I'll make sure you can't come down here for a while.]

[No, no, I-I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming again, again, ahhh I'm coming, it's coming..]

[Every part of Marika’s body has a weak point. See, it feels good here, too. I know what you're like.]

[Kyaa, t-this, I'm going crazy, no, no, I can't, stop, I'm going crazy!]

It was a serious plea. It was like hell that I couldn't move, as if my whole body was being dragged into a swamp of pleasantness.

The light behind my eyes flickers over and over again, and I feel as if my body is about to explode with the violent pleasure of feeling as if I am no longer myself.

Aya kissed my ear and whispered like a succubus.

[You can go crazy. Here you go, Marika, go ahead and break down. Let it all melt away and disappear. I love you, Marika.]

[Ahh! Ahhhh! Aaahhhh!]

Something popped and something broke. Oh, I can't do this. It feels too good, I'm going to die.

The boundary that I had insisted that I couldn't go any further and would never be able to return, had been crossed.

I can't breathe.

It wasn't just the tingling surface stimulation, but the euphoric feeling from deep in my stomach that was ravaged by her fingertips.

It was as if I was sinking into a pure white, clean light.

As my consciousness was being blown away, I was enveloped in a gentle pink blur.

I was almost fainting from the short burst of pleasure as I nuzzled my face into her chest, and I was enveloped in Aya.

A little sweaty, but the same Aya scent as always. I wonder why I feel so at ease with her. We've only been lovers for half a year, but I felt like I have known her for a long time.

...It was like I was born out of Aya.

I wonder if this is what motherhood is all about. She forgave me for my selfishness, my stubbornness, and my slyness. ...She scolded me… she spoiled me… and she made me feel good. Aya makes me feel good.

It feels good, it feels good...

I never knew that women could feel so good together. Only Aya taught me that.

I love Aya… I love her...

Aya kisses me as if I've melted into mush.

[It felt so good that you almost fainted. Let's take a break, Marika. If you don't drink water, you'll collapse from dehydration. You have school tomorrow. I'll get you a bath towel.]


My sluggishly opened mouth spouts meaningless words, as if I can't communicate, but merely react to an external stimulus.

But I heard the next words correctly.

[After you rest, we'll continue again. Do you remember your safe word? Even if you do… well, but by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be using it tonight.]

She stroked my hair and kissed me on the cheek.

I feel like I'm just a baby who can't do anything but wait for Aya to give me attention.

[I'm going to take full responsibility for any foolishness that may befall Marika, so please don't worry and feel good.]

You’re right Aya.


I thought I'd beat Aya this time in the next test, but if I don't, I'm going to lose more and more points. But...

I'm feeling good and happy right this is fine.

And so, just as I had been waiting for, I spent a happy night with Aya, getting all the attention and care I could get... Congratulations, how wonderful...?


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  3. Yey been waiting for this,so excited reading it.thank you so much for the hardwork.


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